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Chandan Chaurasia (चंदन चौरसिया)





Date of birth:

3 December 1983


Kathmandu, Birgunj



UI / UX / Web Designer and Front End Developer from Birgunj, based in Kathmandu, Nepal with more than 7 years of Web and User Interface Design experience.
Code juggler filled with passion about how the User Interface Design is envisioned with simplicity that adds delightful User Experience. Self learned Web Designer / Web Developer who is adept at visualizing the story that drives the design for the web.

Potent learner with in-depth knowledge of computer science fundamentals. Creative professional with real-time industry experience creating and maintaining user-centered designs for diverse set of web platforms.

Mentor with leadership ability and supportive quality fostering great relationship with newbies, team as well as clients.

Work / Education


Work Experience :

Freelance User Interface Designer

February 2009 to July 2015

UX (Research and Analysis) / UI (Design and Development)

I provide UI / UX / Web Design consultancy and Art Supervision to companies and individuals. In the fields of IT, Mobile UI/UX, Travel and Adventure, Education and Learning, my aim is to improve lives with better User Experience and lots of smile.


  • Mentored and supported two companies iDreams and MaxWebSurf in their initial UI design, branding and online setup
  • Volunteered in Web Design and hosting of Guru Nanak Satsang, Birgunj (Nepal) website
  • Trained and motivated students about the importance of great UI design and its impact
  • Learnt and created responsive website for handicraft agency
  • Gained experience in responsive web design using frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Improved User Experience skills while working as a part time UI Designer at Selvam.co.in

SoftYantra Pvt Ltd

August 2012 to September 2013

Senior User Interface Designer

SoftYantra Pvt Ltd is an innovative software development company based in Kathmandu, Nepal providing application software and web development services worldwide.


  • Gained significant proficiency in debugging websites using various debugging tools
  • Delivered user-centered design solutions in fast paced environment, with quick iterative cycles
  • Acquired skills in communication and collaboration by working with remote team on various projects

EPrabidhi Pvt Ltd

September 2010 to July 2012

Web Designer / Web Design Instructor

E-Prabidhi is a Kathmandu based leading software development company specialized in designing, developing and deploying software solutions for small, medium and large enterprises with prime focus on intuitive UI design for a wonderful user experience.


  • Mentored web designers in their projects and ideas from start to finish which helped them secure jobs in various companies
  • Increased new customer acquisition successfully by redesigning and redeploying the existing company's web user interface using HTML5/CSS3 and making it responsive for various screen sizes
  • Designed user-centered pages that conveyed with company’s brand, value proposition and industry-leading functionality
  • Gained experience with tools like Google Analytics, Google WebMaster and Google AppEngine to understand the design’s impact ultimately improving Search Engine Optimization skills
  • Boosted search ranking of company’s institutional arm IT Training Nepal’s website and outperformed existing top ranking websites in search results
  • Educated and influenced novice web designers with basics and advanced UI design and web technology

ServingMinds Pvt Ltd

January 2007 to February 2009

Senior Web Designer


  • Transitioned quickly from table based design to table-less design
  • Pioneered the use of CSS based design with Web 2.0 look and feel within the company
  • Designed and sketched over 100 Photoshop mockups for various websites
  • Led the front-end team to collaborate with a Ruby on Rails team and project

Education :

Sona College of Technology

2013 to 2016

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Kantipur City College

2003 to 2006

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

My Skills

My Skills
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • UX Research & Analysis
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • CSS3 Frameworks



Pretty Good



User Interface Design

  • Sketches, Wireframes and Prototypes
  • HTML5, CSS3 and Javasript/JQuery
  • Bootstrap and Material Design
  • Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq and Sketch

User Experience (UX Design)

  • UX Research and Analysis
  • Personas and User Stories
  • Taxonomies and Storyboards
  • User Research, Validation and A/B Test

Personal Attributes

  • Passion and Empathy
  • Analytical Thinking and Skepticism
  • Synthesize Information
  • Visualize Solution

My Language skills





My Portfolio

My Portfolio
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