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chandan chaurasia

I am a UI / UX / Web Designer born and raised in Birgunj and currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The more I work everyday, the more I figure out that I am still learning and trying to understand how User Empathy is envisioned with simplicity in Design Thinking Process.

My self learned skills, Computer Science background and years of design experiences has allowed me to take ideas and concepts from prototype to working products. The products probably you have never heard of and most probably you will never use. Reasons could be many but the main reason is I am still waiting for an opportunity to contribute myself to something that will have seriously good impact on users and in society.

Everything aside, I am also a mentor with leadership ability and supportive quality fostering great relationship with newbies, team as well as clients.

Apart from design and technology, I enjoy and spend time drawing, sketch, write articles for my blog, read and collect books, study Ayurveda by self as well as research and do various techniques of meditation.

Also, I love to learn new languages. Presently, I know Bhojpuri, Maithili, Nepali, English, Hindi and understand basic Tamil (read and write too) and little bit of Malayalam.


I’m interested in creative applications of technology in the social and environment sector. I am trying my best spreading awareness regarding environment and climate crisis using web and social media via Birgunj City website and it's corresponding Twitter handle @Biirgunj

My Skills

User Experience (UX)

  • Research Methods
  • Personas and User Stories
  • Use Cases
  • Journey / Experience Mapping
  • Storyboards
  • Information Architecture & Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Low and High-Fidelity Prototyping


  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • InVision
  • Balsamiq
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Gravit Designer


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS Libraries
  • Wordpress
  • GitHub
  • Netlify

Other skills

  • Leadership & Management Skills
  • Mentoring and Teaching Skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Team Collaboration +977-9865415765

1983-2019. Chandan Chaurasia

My Resume

I am a creative self learned designer and user researcher who is adept at visualizing the story that drives the design of the product resulting in a delightful user experience.

My main role and responsibility as a User Experience (UX) Designer and Researcher is to communicate and collaborate with project managers, developers, designers, the entire project team, sometimes the client and, as a designer with myself too, to provide insights and in-depth understanding on our users that we all can implement inside a design or product.

You can view or download my resume in pdf format from Google Drive

Work Experience

Creative Lead / Creative Director

Dec 2016 - Aug 2019


One Platinum Technology

Achieved project success by leading the User Experience design, product concept & strategies as well as effective communication with team & client.

Gained alternative methods of efficiency by extensive user and UX research

Met work standards by following productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.

Improved design delivery time & performance by resolving UX problems, operational problems and doing multiple design iterations.

Template UI Designer for Lander

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018


Lander, Inc.

I worked remotely as the main Creative Template UI Designer for Lander. I worked directly under the CEO and CTO of Lander and designed more than 25 templates that is used by thousands of Lander App users worldwide. In addition, I also designed the DTR feature page of the main Lander website.

Web Development Team Lead

Dec 2015 - Sep 2016

Salem, TN, India

Sona College of Technology Research & Development

I designed and developed a web based information portal that runs on Sona College Intranet named as "SonaTimes". This project emphasises on creating unified and single interface with enhanced user experience as well as robust and secure backend for R&D Center admin to manage all the information regarding college circulars, news, upcoming events, hall reservations and contacts management. This project was also submitted to the university as my final year project approved by Research and Development department of Sona College of Technology.

Replacing the old system was indeed a tough task. A thorough User Research was done along with applied UX Research for developing the new web based portal.

Senior User Interface Designer

Aug 2012 - Sep 2013


SoftYantra Pvt Ltd

Led design efforts for UI and UX Design and Research tasks related to various websites increasing client satisfaction towards company's work methodology and design practices.

Gained significant proficiency in debugging websites using various debugging tools with major focus on speed and load-time of all web projects.

Delivered satisfaction and happiness with user-centered design solutions in fast paced environment, with quick iterative cycles

Acquired skills in communication and collaboration by working with team on various projects remotely

Web Designer / Web Design Instructor

Sep 2010 - Jul 2012


E-Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd.
Achievements / Accomplishments

Mentored web designers in their projects and ideas from start to finish which helped them secure jobs in various companies.

Increased new customer acquisition successfully by redesigning and redeploying the existing company website using HTML5/CSS3 and making it responsive.

Excelled in User-Centered Design with focus on needs and limitations of end users of product and services with extensive attention at each stage of the design process.

Gained experience with tools like Google Analytics, Google WebMaster and Google AppEngine to understand the design’s impact ultimately improving Search Engine Optimization skills.

Boosted search ranking of company’s institutional arm IT Training Nepal’s website ( and outperformed existing top ranking websites in search results.

Educated and influenced novice web designers with basics and advanced web technology.

Senior Web Designer

Jan 2007 - Feb 2009


Serving Minds Pvt. Ltd.
Achievements / Accomplishments

Transitioned quickly from table based design to table-less design.

Pioneered the use of CSS based design with Web 2.0 look and feel within the company.

Designed and sketched over 100 Photoshop mockups for various websites.

Led the front-end team to collaborate with a Ruby on Rails team and project.

Honors and Awards

Best Outgoing International Student by Sona College of Technology

Excellent Academic Performance Award by Sona College of Technology

Silver Jubilee Scholarship by Government of India

Time Person of the Year 2006 +977-9865415765

1983-2019. Chandan Chaurasia

Design Portfolio

These are some of the selected designs that I have done in past couple of years.

URL of Behance Portfolio

Snarpur App

Concept. User Experience. UI

Snarpur enables professionals in industry to increase business efficiency with individuals who need professionals.

Project URL:
PlayStore URL:

GasItUp App

User Flow. Graphics. UI

Gas delivery to your vehicle easily through app.

Project URL:

NOTD Logo Design

Graphic Design.

The final logo design for Nepal Open Taxation Data portal.

Project URL:

OnePlatinum Technology Homepage

Concept. Direction. User Research.

The final revamp of One Platinum Technology's company website with responsive UI.

Project URL: Site is down right now :(

MedLine International

Graphics. Logo Design.

The final logo design concept for MedLine International Nepal.

Project URL:

Scentre Group

Design / Deliver lead.

Led the design & front-end team. Used Foundation CSS Library for project's core design.

Project URL:

DTR Page for Lander App

Web Design. Graphics. UI

The responsive page design of Dynamic Text Replacement features of Lander App, one of the landing page creation web tool.

Project URL:

Lander Product Launch Template

Template Design. Graphics. User Research.

A template design under category Product for Lander App customers to use.

Project URL:

EPrabidhi Nepal Company Website

UI Design. Graphics. Responsive.

Responsive design of EPrabidhi Nepal company website.

Project URL:

Other Projects

Website Design for Non-Profit

UI Design. Graphics. HTML/CSS.

Volunteered for Website design of Gurudwara Guru Nanak Satsang, a Sikh gurudwara located in Birgunj.

Project URL:

iLearn mobile side project

User Interface. Graphics.

Designed user interface for an iOS app named iLearn as a side project during 3rd year of MCA.

Project URL:

CyberTalk'15 Poster

GRaphic Design. Print Design.

Promotional poster design for prestigious yearly national level technical symposium CyberTalk held at MCA Department, Sona College of Technology.

Project URL: +977-9865415765

1983-2019. Chandan Chaurasia

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1983-2019. Chandan Chaurasia